Mistress Firebrand, Donna Thorland

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Mistress Firebrand, Donna Thorland
Author: Donna Thorland
Publisher:Nal Trade
Format: eArc
ISBN-10: 0451471016
ISBN-13: 9780451471017
Nal Trade: eBook | Paperback
Mistress Firebrand
3 stars
Jennifer Leighton has only one dream. She wants to write plays and have them performed at the Drury Lane Theatre. There are a view things in her way. First she is female. Second she is in New York writing plays for a small theatre. Third, she does not have the connections. When the playwright General John Burgoyne visits the city she is taking her chances to get his patronage. On her way to him she is confronted with Severin Devere an English officer who is supposed to keep the general safe. As their love unfolds the situation in New York changes for the worst. While enemies close in they are looking for ways to make Jennifer her dream come true.

Every now and then I like to read a little romance. When I saw this book combined with the theatre aspect I knew there was a chance that I would enjoy it.
I liked Jennifer. She is a strong woman with a goal. I liked how even though she was really in love she did not let her life hang on what the guy did for her. Actually her character made all the guys in the story a bit unnecessary.
The story was interesting enough with a lot of things going on. The story of females combined with theatre and the ideas about that. The war on New York between the English and the Rebels. The development of the love story. I enjoyed this story.

And there goes... February!

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February . With 28 days I always end up feeling cheated. Before you know it the next month is there.

Books read: 7
Pages: 2614
Goodreads Challenge: 14 books of 52

The Girl on the Train byPaula Hawkins €8,95
Total February €8.95
Total 2015 €41,92

I am really proud of not buying more books. I have seen a lot of books I wanted but managed to walk out the book store without them.

Added to the never ending TBR
The Last Bookaneer: A Novel by Matthew Pearl
The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler
The Curse Keepers Collection Swank by Grover Denise
The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber
Million Dollar Baby by Amy Patricia Meade
Missing You by Harlan Coben
Love is Red by Sophie Jaff
Disclaimer by Renee Knight,
The Girl on the Train byPaula Hawkins

Most of these books are review books I got approved for this month.

On a personal note
Work is crazy. Obviously this is a good thing but it becomes more clear every day that we need more people to get it all done. We booked our summer holiday and it is such a shame it is still so far away. I had a fun weekend in Milton Keynes with two friends visiting the Jersey Boys UK tour. We are making new plans already.

Looking forward
Work will not change this month probably so I hope it will not strain me to much. I am pretty much up to date with my books but do need to write a lot of posts this month still.
I might catch up with King's March organized by Wensend and Fourth Street Review. I did schedule my IT review this month but might catch up on some SK reading too.
This month Boekenfestijn is close to my home and we did make an appointment with a view people to visit. So my book buying behaviour might be a bit out of control but we will see at the end of March.

Tell me about your plans?!?

The Mad Sculptor, Harold Schechter

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The Mad Sculptor, Harold Schechter
Author: Harold Schechter
Publisher: Zeus
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 178185307X
ISBN-13: 9781781853078
Publisher: eBook | Hardcover | Paperback
The Mad Sculptor
3 stars

On Easter Sunday 1937, Bob Irwin - a handsome, failing sculptor with a history of depression and psychopathic episodes - commited a grisly triple murder. Creeping back to the flat of his ex-landlady in a swish New York borough, Irwin killed her, her lodger, and her stunning daughter Ronnie with an ice-pick, an apparently motiveless homicide that would shock the entire country.
I read a lot of crime fiction but never realized there is a whole world of true crime books describing real crimes as if it was fiction. At least that is how this book reads. Realizing it is all based on true events and no fiction is included made it even more gruesome and yes I will admit more entertaining to read. Robert George Irwin is on various lists of most gruesome high profiled killers. Still his numbers are not high and to call his murders really gruesome... I guess the biggest impact his murders had was the realization that people like Robert exist. Psychopaths, people who are so damaged psychologically that they can justify to kill others. A lot of research was done in that time and a lot of it is written in this book making it a really interesting insight in possible motivations Robert could have to make his moves.

Wishlist Wednesday: Goodbye for Now, Laurie Frankel

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Wishlist Wednesday is a weeklies hosted by Pen to Paper. As I have enough wishes when it comes to books I decided to join this weekly and tell you about them. I am obviously curious about the books on your wishlist too so feel free to leave a message.

Sam Elling works for an internet dating company, but he still can't get a date. So he creates an algorithm that will match you with your soul mate. Sam meets the love of his life, a coworker named Meredith, but he also gets fired when the company starts losing all their customers to Mr. and Ms. Right.

When Meredith's grandmother, Livvie, dies suddenly, Sam uses his ample free time to create a computer program that will allow Meredith to have one last conversation with her grandmother. Mining from all her correspondence—email, Facebook, Skype, texts—Sam constructs a computer simulation of Livvie who can respond to email or video chat just as if she were still alive. It's not supernatural, it's computer science.

Pretty cover alert!! I love the typography on this cover. The title combined with the planes (freedom) were giving me all the feelings.
Reading the synopsis it could be a hit or miss. It all depends how well all the factors that play a part in the story are worked out but I am very interested for sure.

It's Monday! What are you reading?

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It's Monday! What are You Reading! is a weekly hosted by Sheila over at Book Journey. This weekly is meant to keep you people updated on what I read the last week and what I am planning to read the upcoming week.

So how was your week? Did you manage to read some? I spend two and a half hours on the train on Saturday as we had to pick up our car in the far north east. It did gave me some nice reading time but with two birthdays and a house that needed some attention I had a pretty busy weekend. I did keep an eye on twitter though as a beautiful blogger movement started pays attention to the overwhelming situation wanting to be a good blogger can bring to your life. If you like you can catch up with the #truthtrain here.  Do not hesitate to click some of the links because there are some great posts on there. I did read books obviously. I DNF-ed Eye on the Struggle by James McGrath Morris. It could not hold my interest and was not really what I had hoped it was. Kim over at Sophisticated Dorkness reviewed it if you are curious about the book. I did finish Mistress Firebrand by Donna Thorland and The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson.

Mistress Firebrand by Donna Thorland The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson

I am currently reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Next up is Whisper Hollow by Chris Cander

Whisper Hollow by Chris Cander
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